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Recharge selects Gordian to plan for heavy duty vehicles charging network

Recharge selects Gordian for planing charging infrastructure for heavy duty vehicles

Press Release

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, May 16, 2023 

Recharge chooses The Gordian platform to find the most optimized locations in the Nordics for a heavy duty vehicles charging network and support the customer journey for heavy transport.  

Recharge is expanding its Nordic charging network to support heavy duty vehicles (HDV). To plan a future-proof network that secures the customer journey for shorter and longer heavy transport routes throughout Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, Recharge turned to The Gordian for the expertise and access to the charging infrastructure planning platform to support the decision process.

The Gordian platform provides Recharge with intelligence for transport electrification and identifying the best sites. Recharge’s goal is a network of locations that secures the customer journey throughout the three countries and accelerates the green transition in the transport sector.   

“Recharge has more than ten years of experience with the complexities of planning charging networks since we have built the biggest network for all kinds of electric cars in the Nordics,” says Håkon Vist, CEO at Recharge. “However, charging for heavy duty vehicles has different needs. Gordian’s advanced business support system helps us analyze which of our current locations meet the needs for heavy duty charging and lets us identify where we should place new sites to maximize revenue and create the best customer journey for drivers of heavy duty vehicles.”  

Håkon Vist, CEO Recharge

Recharge identified which locations in their network have the physical space to harbor trucks. In the planning platform from The Gordian, they can test and set different assumptions and analyze sites based on heavy transport route patterns, charging behaviors, and estimated battery status combined with locations and their conditions.   

“For us, it is valuable to start with a map of the most optimal locations from a heavy transport perspective to be able to add or extract locations and, in seconds, see how it impacts the overall demand and the customer journeys. It makes it easy for us to create an integrated and optimized network for cars and heavy duty vehicles,” says Vist. 

Gordian CEO Gyözö Gidofalvi

“We are honored to support Recharge, one of the biggest CPOs in the Nordics, with data-driven intelligence to strategically plan their charging network for heavy duty vehicles,” says Gyözö Giofalvi, CEO and one of the founders of The Gordian. “Using our planning platform, Recharge will find the best network of sites with the highest business potential that guarantees the electric battery operations of most transport routes and relates well to Recharge’s already extensive private car charging network in the Nordics. Through collaborations like this one, we contribute to the green transformation of the transport sector”. 

About Gordian  

Gordian is a leading provider of innovative transport and geodata analytics for Charging Point Operators, logistics companies, and commercial real estate developers to optimize the planning and realization of charging infrastructure and accelerate the electrification of the global transport sector. 

 With its cutting-edge technology, the Gordian planning and decision support platform provides organizations with powerful real-time insights making it easier for them to make informed decisions, identify optimal locations and improve the business case for long and short-term investments. 

About Recharge  

Recharge are pioneers in the EV charging industry. The company operates a publicly accessible network of fast charging stations which they have built since 2011. Recharge is the biggest charging network for all kinds of electric cars in the Nordics, consisting of more than 4,000 charging points, of which 2,600 are in Norway. Each month, 300,000 charging sessions are made at Recharge’s charging stations. The company is owned by the British infrastructure investor Infracapital. 


Gyözö Gidofalvi
CEO & Co-Founder
Mobile: +46 763 393 692

Stian Mathisen
Head of Public Relations and Regulatory Affairs
Mobile: + 47 932 49 862