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Scenario Analysis Reports & Interactive Map

Based on your companies specific needs we create location based report and a interactive map with the locations + different data points associated with the locations which allows you to exploration of results in geographical context and gain a deeper understanding.

The interactive map enables a deeper understanding of the report and the different charging points locations​. It allows exploration of results in a geographical context for a deeper understanding. Fixed customer-defined scenario and parameters and changeable analysis factor weighting.

Currently we offer the following reports:

  • Existing location ranking standard report
  • Potential partner analysis standard report
  • White spot analysis standard report
  • Customized report according to your needs

This includes a pre-meeting and the report (delivered as PDF).


  • To decide the scope of the report, we start with digital meeting.
  • Purpose with the report.
  • Data and other parameters needed. 
  • The Gordian team creates a brief of the report and estimated cost for the report. 
  • The customer confirm the brief and cost.
  • The customer delivers the external data. 
  • Our team of experts imports the data into the Gordian analytics tool to create the report and the interactive map.  
  • The estimated time for delivery is between 2-3 weeks. The exact date depends on the delivery of the needed input data.

Example of additional data:

Location of your locations properties with address, geodata, and additional information linked to properties such as area, facilities, vehicle parking, and charging capacities. 

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