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Scenario Analysis Reports

Based on your company’s needs, we can deliver both standard and customized reports. Standard reports offer quick insights to simplify the decision process in planning charging infrastructure, it is based on current data and assumptions. Customized reports enables you to use your own data and set assumptions unique to your situation.

Existing Location Ranking in charging infrastructure report cover
Site evaluation

Existing location ranking

  • Evaluate charging demands in each of the locations
  • Map grid connection suitability
  • Map relevant geo-data  
  • Analyze competition 
Potential Partner analysis in charging infrastructure report cover
Site evaluation

Potential partner analysis

  • Evaluate charging demand of partner locations in relation to your existing locations and e.g., competition
  • Map grid connection suitability 
  • Map relevant geo-data 
White spot analysis report cover.
Site optimization

White spot analysis

  • Identify white spots in relation to existing customer locations and competition, both in the fact sheets in the report and in data points in the the interactive map.
  • Map grid connection suitability 
  • Map relevant geo-data 

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All analyses include

  • Charging network impact analysis on owned charging infrastructure and competitors sites
  • 50+ factor statistic for individual sites in 6 information categories
  • A single customer-weighted site suitability score

Currently we offer a fixed price for the following types of reports:

  • Existing location ranking standard report
  • Potential partner analysis standard report
  • The next top locations standard report
  • Customized report according to your needs

This includes a pre-meeting and the report (delivered as PDF).

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